Beitepusser Produkter


Choppers - Kverneland FHS, useful in all conditions and efficient in operation

Kverneland beitepusser FHS

Effektiv og holdbar under alle forhold 

Choppers - Kverneland Chopper FRO, strong double headstock for great performance during operation

Kverneland beitepusser FRO

Foran, bak, offset! 

Chopper - Kverneland Chopper FHP, low maintenance cost and very versatile an flexible during operating

Kverneland beitepusser FHP

Kverneland FHP er en universalpusser for vedlikehold av vei, rydding av kanter, grøfter og hekker.

Choppers - Kverneland Chopper FRH, reliable and durable during operating with minimal maintenance cost

Kverneland beitepusser FRH

Anvendelig, nyttig og pålitelig 

Chopper - Kverneland Chopper FXN, profitable caused by low maintenance, more specialized

Kverneland beitepusser FXN

Beitepusseren for spesialistene

Choppers - Kverneland Chopper FXZ, heavy construction for maximal high performance during field operations

Kverneland beitepusser FXZ

Kongen av beitepussere

Kverneland beitepusser FHP plus

Universal beitepusser med side forskyvning 

Choppers - Kverneland Chopper FRD, folded and transported safe and effectively

Kverneland Beitepusser FRD

For front og bak montering på traktoren

Chopper - Kverneland Chopper FXE, small and compact but still efficient during operation

Kverneland Beitepusser FXE

 Kompakt, effektiv og allsidig

Choppers - Kverneland Chopper FML, made for green tidy areas such as plantations

Kverneland Beitepusser FML

Spesialisten for grønt områder

Kverneland beitepusser FXF

Høy ytelse og potensial